Amsterdam-based duo Feng Suave have been riding the (radio) waves of glory as their debut EP got played on BBC 6 by Iggy Pop himself; their online listeners' base is rapidly growing; they shared stage with Khruangbin and also got invited to the upcoming prestigious Eurosonic Noorderslag festival. Nonetheless, they remain effortlessly cool, figuring out their own purpose for making music.

For their new single "Venus Flytrap" Feng Suave add some lo-fi dreaminess to their usual indie soulful sound, aiming for a more refined direction. The psych-pop duo are also taking song lyrics further as they write up a rather dark love story tainted in metaphors:

"You got me seduced in fluent haiku. I'll be abused if that means I can lie beside you, where I'll dissolve into the colours on the forest floor".

Feng Suave intentionally lay a smooth, melodic groove for the protagonist to dissolve in, trying not to come across as too dark and keeping their cool, as requested by popular demand.

posted by Staff
December 2018