Within less than a minute "Missing Me" induces the overwhelming, seemingly controversial desires to both groove and daydream. This real gem by London duo fika and German producer Fabich is f-i-r-e and is part of their upcoming EP Love Stories (counting down until September). Smooth, silky vocals, energetic instrumental, and a twist of desire.

I found it that “Missing Me” was the first track fika and Fabich did together, and it’s about a love interest of Fabich. He wasn’t sure if the girl felt the same way and then fika start to sing “Are you feeling the same thing?”. The artists say that from that moment on, the rest of the song came "really quickly", and as a listener, I did find the natural flow and ease of the track comforting.

Can you say that a song was just meant to be, it was inevitably bound to happen? Because this one sure sounds like it.

posted by Hristina
August 2020