Without a doubt, this week's discovery has been an absolute treasure trove of sublime vibes.

This enchanting hip-hop masterpiece serves as a testament to the harmonious fusion of talents from the vibrant musical landscape of Charlotte (North Carolina). Enter the ethereal realm crafted by the dynamic collaboration of Steven Porter, a beatmaker and producer boasting an eclectic array of influences, and the prolific local wordsmith, Joe Sig.

The track is the opener and title track of their 7-track brand-new release which dropped via Slapchop Records. Besides the impeccable flow of Joe, I love the little beat details in the background. Stop. Listen carefully. Do you hear that guitar? Pristine and absolutely dreamy.

If you dig the vibe of Slum Village and J Dilla, you're in for a ride.

Filesystem Check · Filesystem Check - The Intro
posted by Ivo
February 2024