Do you remember The NightBirds? The surprising & improvised project of the incredible FKJ, Darius, Wayne Snow, and Crayon which they unveiled 6 years ago via Roche Musique with a 12-minute film on YouTube.

Today, they're back with their official DSP release, "U & I", part of Roche Musique's latest compilation HOUSE OF GROOVES - a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the label & its unique spirit. The result is 9 songs ranging from soul, jazz, funk, electronic, beats & even dance.

"U & I" showcases what those 4 talents can do best, intertwining sweet grooves, playful guitars & synths, and the warm, melancholic touch of the vocals. This was the pick from our friends Global Soul's latest show (and last for 2023) which you can tune in to below:

There are a bunch of new entries to the chart, too, so I'm sure you'll find more gems on there, too.

posted by Nasko
November 2023