People like FKJ & Masego are among that group of artists who truly push contemporary music and some day, years in time, we will go back in time and realize those were the new legends. By the way, if you this kind of vibe, check out our Groovy Beats playlist.

A few days ago, the 2 artists spent a day in Red Bull Studios Paris, jammed and created this beauty titled "Tadow". As they shared on Facebook "nothing was planned and we kept improvising", but I mean when you're just amazingly talented does it even matter?

FKJ and Masego on their own can easily sound like a whole band and watching them recording this just brings a smile to my face. The ease of switching between instruments and the dynamic between them is exactly what I was talking about when saying these guys are legends.

On the track, FKJ shared on his Facebook page:

Spent a day with the great Masego Music in Red Bull Studios Paris. Nothing was planned and we kept improvising. This is one of the jams we did that day.

Stream more of these guy's amazing music on Masego & FKJ's artist profiles.

A few months later, I guess the 2 multi-instrumentalists surfaced the final mastered release of the track which we added in the link above.

What about the meaning of Tadow?

Ultimately, it's been argued that it is a word invented by Masego himself. It means An expression of ultimate success.

We haven't forgotten about the lyrics

Since many people asked for song's lyrics, here we go…

I saw her and she hit me like (Tadow)
Saw that thing so beautiful (Tadow)
She just hit my heart, oh (Tadow)
Full force and she got me like (Tadow)
I be like (Tadow)
Baby (Tadow)
Why you so fine? (Tadow) (Tadow)
Gotta make you mine (Tadow) (Tadow)
So hard to find (Tadow) (Tadow)
Baby like oh
How'd you do the thing?
The way that you do it and she ain't even show
She be walking round so confident, so heaven-sent
I think she was meant to knock 'em dead like (Tadow) (Tadow)
Like (Tadow) (Tadow)
Girl you so fine (Tadow)
Ohhh (Tadow) (Tadow)
Girl you acting like oh (Tadow) (Tadow)
Baby so fine (Tadow) (Tadow)
Mrs. Lady (Tadow) (Tadow)
Girl you knock 'em dead (Tadow) (Tadow)
Ohh yeahh
She was so sublime
Super fine
She was never lying
Strutting in her heels
Or her slides either way
Eyes on her every single day, week, year
Everyone wondering how she does it with no fear
All that confidence wasn't heaven-sent
Does it come within?
Does it come run out?
I don't know
She'll just have 'em runnin'
Out and in man they want to sin
Talking deadly sin
With Mrs. lady I don't understand
Why she hit 'em like (Tadow) (Tadow)
Yeah, like (Tadow) (Tadow)
Girl you knock em dead (Tadow) (Tadow)
Ohhh (Tadow)
How you do it like you do it (Tadow) (Tadow)
Yeah yeah (Tadow) (Tadow)
Baby you knock em dead (Tadow) (Tadow)
I love you so Baby (Tadow)
Yeah yeah, Ohh

posted by Ivo
May 2017