Great Hair is a true example of how Flamingosis flips samples with his own signature; switching from boom-bap, to disco, boogie, soul, funk and chill wave.

Something about this one specifically that brings nostalgic vibes. Certain parts of this track reminds me of some of his earlier works like "Hey Girl, U Like Rising Crust Pizza?" and "I Like It" -  a quirky, vintage funk and summer-ly kind of flow.

And just thought I'd share the interesting little back story behind the album's cover and where Flamingosis got its name.

"The cover picture was taken back in 1977 at The World Frisbee Championships in Pasadena, California. My father is on the left of the picture & my uncle on the right and they both went on to win their 2nd World Frisbee pair title. The name 'Flamingosis' comes from a freestyle frisbee move that my father invented."

posted by Zuli
February 2016