Just had an amazing trip back in time.

Remember the glory days of trip-hop, downtempo & soul-driven beat music? Think Emancipator, Bonobo, Ours Samplus, or even the more mellow Gramatik.

This magnificent & unique blend comes from multi-instrumentalist, producer & DJ Nigel Evans, or Flevans whom we've featured in the past. His latest single "Wild Shadows" has an utterly warm feeling to it, fusing mesmerising electronic synths, soulful samples, and hip-hop drums. Add to this some electric guitars, funky brass, and an uplifting touch, and you get a real beauty. I'm sure the '00s-'10s music fans will heavily relate.

"Wild Shadows" is out via our friends at Jalapeno Records, right after his 7th studio album A Short Distance to Fall which you should absolutely check out.

posted by Nasko
December 2023