When you call your music "fantasy r&b", you already got my attention.

Flõstate is this dreamy duo, consisting of singer/multi-instrumentalist Avery Florence and producer MKSTN, and their second single "Home Ground", out via Lekker Collective, is a magnificent blend of hazy vocals and UK garage-influenced beatwork. They share:

Home Ground is finding yourself and what you want amidst chaos, with only your intuition to guide you home. It's a two-part song, “Pt.1” being stripped down with just piano, wind chimes, and vocals, and “Pt. 2” with heavy production to play with contrast - calm versus chaos. The production is our most intricate to date, experimenting with key changes, timing, and swing. Much like how our lives are pieces stitched together from contrasting moments


"Home Ground" has the sense of urgency to be somewhere familiar with a fresh perspective. The feeling that you aren't in the right place at that moment. but you're sure you know where to go. We recorded the wind chimes in the backyard of my family cabin. I woke up the next morning to find Mike playing with the chime sound, so I sat down at the microphone and this song came out. I was about to go on a month-long trip to Argentina and all of a sudden I didn’t want to go. I felt like, this is where I need to be, working on what we are creating as Flõstate.

Avery Florence
posted by Nasko
October 2020