Good morning, world. Excited to introduce you to Melbourne-based DJ and producer FOURA and her debut mixtape Taste, released via Nina Las Vegas' NLV Records.

If you appreciate the work of artists like T.E.E.D, Caius, or TSHA, you're in for a treat.

I've had the pleasure of exploring Foura's art and can only admire the versatility of her sound. She blends a diverse range of energetic, yet emotional UKG-inspired electronic, breakbeat and house elements in her compositions, which feels very inviting to those fans (like myself), who appreciate variety.

Speaking to the mixtape, FOURA shares “This was initially going to be a 4 track EP! I found narrowing songs down challenging and wanted an opportunity to share all the genres and styles that I love on the one project, quite an ambitious feat being my first multi-track release. I'm so grateful to Nina (NLV) for the trust, flexibility and support throughout this journey, I feel like I've grown a lot finishing this and I'm really proud to be sharing it."

Before wrapping this up and leaving you to this gorgeous mixtape, a shoutout to NVL's founder Nina Las Vegas whom I've had the pleasure or talking a bit. Label's roster is spectacular!

posted by Ivo
last month