Atmospheric r&b with a voice that can be a friend with the strong wind in a silent moment? More, please!

The New Jersey-based artist is sharp, gritty, and everything we are looking for when it comes to soft lines and long nights. A sexy touch with a bit of an edge. "unexplainable" slips into the album softCORE, and it goes on to tell us about that toxic relationship you can relate to with every word Fousheé whispers out loud.

It's breathtaking when butterflies flutter when they have to, but then they stop and wait for us to make the next move. So they can come to us even more textured and real. If someone can do that, it's the singer that collaborated with Steve Lacy, Lil Wayne, and Ravyn Lenae - names that speak for themselves, helping us notice a memorable artist.

posted by Krisi
December 2022