This track will blow your mind.

Fraen is one of the most talented artists I've had the pleasure of finding recently. 2 days ago the Berlin-based singer/songwriter released a soulful and emotionally-charged single titled "alchemy". The song is a true gem for fans of neo-soul music and is absolutely going to delight those who appreciate the sounds of Pip Millett, Cleo Sol, and classics like Amy Winehouse.

Through her rich and powerful vocals, fraen again artfully transmutes the pain of heartbreak into a dazzling display of musical gold. The song's infectious groove and catchy melody are complemented by the artist's raw and vulnerable lyrics, creating an intimate and captivating listening experience.

"I try to stay true to myself and not always compromise for someone else. I wanted all or nothing,” shares Francesca. "But even if I rationally understand that I need to cut ties, my heart always takes a bit longer to overcome certain connections. In the end, the song’s beat turns into a house beat, which makes the hook way more upbeat, almost as if I would celebrate the idea of not getting there. Almost as an uplifting and positive ending. Every cloud has a silver lining."

Mark my words, fraen again is going places and I am surely booking a front row seat for that.

posted by Ivo
March 2023