Berlin up-and-coming multi-genre artist fraen returns with a brand new single that will make your blood boil. Francesca's debut EP every cloud has a silver lining made it on our Top 100 picks for 2023 and it seems she's only starting.

"everything but" dropped on this year's Valentine's Day and that's not random. Originally planned as a romantic Valentine’s Day song, this gem takes an unexpected turn and actually morphs into a captivating anti-love anthem. With sensitive vocals and honest lyrics, fraen conveys vulnerability through a vivid picture of her emotional world. The goal is to encourage people to put their needs first out of self-love, even if it means parting ways with a loved one.

"The track opens with a sample that says, “waiting for the sunshine,” which is the guiding theme throughout the entire song. It narrates the tale of a love that once felt free and right until it no longer did." she elaborates on the song.

What also stands out when it comes to "everything but" is the UK Garage-inspired production that feels like the perfect stage for fraen's vulnerability and honesty.

‘Whenever I listen to the song, I envision myself on a solitary beach. The atmosphere is somewhat grey, but the fresh breeze provides a sense of clarity, hope, and mindfulness. That’s the essence of this song for me. It holds great emotional significance, written when I yearned for closure.’ says fraen about the production of the song.

A song that will touch your heart and energize your body.

posted by Ivo
February 2024