Rising like a soulful beacon on the r&b horizon, Berlin-based singer/songwriter and artist fraen wraps up an exceptional year with her latest single "the way we love".

This track, following her impressive every cloud has a silver lining debut EP earlier in 2023, serves as a poignant exploration of the trials embedded in long-distance relationships. Fraen's soulful vocals, laden with raw emotion, entwine seamlessly with the modern r&b production by Grammy-nominated producer Jonnywood.

In this musical collaboration, fraen and Jonnywood create a sonic landscape that resonates with the struggles and yearnings inherent in love from afar.

“If you’ve ever found yourself in a long-distance relationship, you probably know what obstacles it holds. You tell yourself, “This is meant to be. How else you guys meet from other parts of the world and fall for each other? There has to be something. And the more time passes, the more you see how hard it is to stay harmonious. You distance yourselves. The distance distances you. You run more and more into arguments, but you hold on to that connection to that destined relationship and tell yourself, “Maybe that is just the way we love”. And that’s what the song is about. It tells the story of two strangers trying to make it work from afar.”, shares fraen

As fraen continues to make waves in the r&b scene, her latest release solidifies her as an artist to watch in the coming year.

posted by Boris
December 2023