Today's highlight, despite its title, is one of the most elevating tracks I've found in a while. Canadian artist FRASE links up with Sickflip to craft a gorgeous Odesza-meets-TOKiMONSTA-meets-Flume experimental electronic pop jam.

Super lushful electronics and vocals to kill for, "The Weight" is seriously everything I've ever looked for when it comes to this kind of vibe. In addition, I had a chance to quickly chat with FRASE and get the story behind the track.

“The Weight” was written at a point in my life where I felt like my lifestyle needed to change. The weight of unsuccessful relationships and failed musical projects racked up while I was living in Montreal. In the dead of winter I moved out of my apartment, sold all my stuff and travelled to India. 

I met up with Sickflip in Mumbai. We vibed over our shared love for a traditional western breakfast and Mr.Carmack. I really like the chops he did with my voice and he built some serious hi hats and percussion sounds. I finally finished this song while living in Florence, Italy last spring and have been playing it out live a lot, I feel way lighter now.

posted by Ivo
October 2017