FRCTLS is a promising electronic producer hailing from the heart of the underground electronic music scene, Berlin – undoubtedly the place to be for this genre.

His latest release "Hydra" fuses an upbeat bouncy uk garage-infused production with some glitchy, organic elements, all delicately encapsulated with uplifting melodies and energetic rhythms. All these elements are carefully woven around the soul & essence of his music, driven by the creative force of drums, piano, and bass.

"'Hydra' embodies the essence of these vital elements, with each sound breathing life into my song.", shares FRCTLS

If you've been following FRCTLS, you know he's no stranger to the electronic imprint Shapeless Culture, the place where his creativity thrives. "Hydra" is his second single from an upcoming EP, set to be released on Shapless Culture, following his debut track "Zeit".

Experience the world, crafted by an artist who knows how to music moves you. Enjoy it!

posted by Boris
September 2023