After nearly a decade-long career, LA-based producer Full Crate has finally released his debut album A Kid from Yerevan and the opener is bound to blow you away with its florid embellishments.

"Text Me When You Get Home" is adorned with woozy synths, beefy drums, and strings that deeply immerse you in the experience with their grand presence. Throughout this album, Full Crate exhibits that collaboration is a skill, and this track is a gorgeous example as there are three artists (joined by Lola Vialet & UHMEER) on here showcasing incredible synergy as if they were an established band.

Full Crate exhibits a side of himself that’s a lot more vulnerable on A Kid from Yerevan as he acquaints us with the insecurities pulling him back and his deep experiences with romance. "Text Me When You Get Home" is where we get to hear themes of romance and insecurities delivered ever so sensually. He elaborates a lot more on the interview we recently shared with the talented producer.

posted by Lu
June 2023