GeeJay are certainly one of my favourite jazz/soul duos - their chemistry is so inspiring and fulfilling.

"Ordinary Girl" is their latest offering - a song about "living the life you want". It is drenched in oldschool soul vibes, sax, gentle keys, and groovy drums. Gee, the vocalist, shares:

I grew up in the deepest, remotest part of Wiltshire where people tended to stay local. My dad’s dream was for me to work in a nail bar and eventually have my own salon; but I had to follow my own quest.  I pushed against the flow and learnt the value of perseverance.

Jay, the producer in the duo, adds:

For us as performing artists, life has been really challenging with Covid and Brexit. All we want is to keep on making music and playing live.  It’s not just us - so many people have had their plans disrupted. But we mustn’t lose sight of our dreams, focus and ambitions.

posted by Nasko
August 2021