Coming out of my quietness spent in the Thai greenness, because a collab like George FitzGerald & Bonobo should not be left unheard.

The guys have worked together before - Bonobo's remix of "Full Circle" was just stunning, but it's nice to see the 2 UK producers working on a track together. Say hi to "Outgrown" - a reason to get goosebump all over your body.

The track is somehow haunting, mellow and yet - uplifting. "" is third single from George FitzGerald's upcoming album, All That Must Be scheduled for March 9th this year. It definitely carries traces for both electronic artists which makes it absolutely superb and captivating. Speaking of the song, he shares:

I wanted to mirror the uncanniness you feel when a massive event happens in your life. Everything looks and sounds the same but it’s somehow different. Your surroundings are less intelligible.

I feel it would be a further escape of reality in my upcoming trip next month.

posted by Ivo
February 2018