Giorgia-May, originally from Brighton and now calling Berlin home, has crafted her musical journey through a tapestry of experiences, drawing inspiration from her nomadic life. Her sound can be described as a blend of soulful melodies, jazzy vibes, and a touch of rnb, all seasoned with her personal tales of love, loss, and growing up. Think of her as a mix between Hiatus Kiayote, Jordan Rakei, D'Angelo, and Hope Tala.

In her latest release "Focus", she joins forces with the talented Australian artist and producer Skyline Sun, unveiling a new face of her songwriting prowess. Inspired by artists like ELIZA and Faye Meana, the song soothingly blends neo-soul aesthetics with seductive rnb rhythms. This harmonious fusion of Skyline Sun's production finesse and Giorgia-May's sensual vocals and candid lyrics creates an alluring musical journey.

"This is a sound that I have been longing to create. Writing this song challenged me to write melodies that didn't come as easy to me, so it really feels like I've pushed myself into a new direction. Playing guitar, singing and writing songs tends to put me into the Singer/Songwriter box, but I want to show that I have so much more in me than being crammed into this one genre. This track is a step in that direction for me. Working with Jarrah (Skyline Sun) has been such a blessing because he just gets what I'm going for, it was easy and effortless and he really helped me build upon the foundational ideas that existed in my head.", shares Giorgia-May.

"Focus" is like a snapshot of her artistic journey and a peek into her long-distance love story. It's raw, it's real, and it's music that's easy to vibe with.

posted by Boris
August 2023