Triple-gold-certified production duo gishfang has finally unveiled their much-anticipated album Monster Under My Bed via Stereofox Records.

Throughout 14 tracks, gishfang borrow from soul, house, funk, and hip-hop to craft a body of work that’s genre-fluid and cohesive in its progression. Sitting in the middle of the album is a pleasantly hypnotic gem called "Orbit" and it's dressed in spacey synths that'll have you floating into a state of calm.

The album started with the title track, for which they recorded half an orchestra to bring their vision to life. Even though "Orbit" possess a future beats vibe to it, those same orchestral elements shine through here as well thanks to the soulful brass embellishments.

Throughout their time the duo has gathered numerous achievements including having their work featured by NASA. Although this is the masterpiece in their catalog that's intimate for them as have us ruminate about our relationship with our fears and how we can learn to embrace them.

"Our full-length album Monster Under My Bed is a beautiful concept album featuring 11 instrumental songs and 3 interludes telling the story of the friendship of Sienna and the monster under her bed. As the gishfang fishgang is a water breed, every track flows seamlessly into the next for a smooth experience."

Fans of FKJ, Tom Misch, or even Gramatik will surely adore this, and you can find out more about the album here.

posted by Lu
May 2023