This guy is one of my fav finds lately.

I know I say that often but the Armenian-born, US-based producer Glou-Glou is definitely one to watch. "Drink Slowly", the debut single of Cam Hovsepian's new moniker (previous one mAsis reached tens of millions of streams & features on BBC, KCRW, The Fader) is one of the sweetest & warmest tunes out there.

His 2nd single "Let That Go" doesn't fall behind - just as smooth and beautiful, with his hazy vocals, a captivating drum groove, and magnificent guitars. Reminds me of a blend of Jungle, Melodiesinfonie, and Chet Faker.

"Life is filled with so many small momentary interactions that can end up lingering with you for hours or days or weeks. It can lead to harboring anxiety or anger and can take away from living in the moment. If the voice in my head played a soundtrack to combat all of that anxiety, stress, or anger, this is the song it’d be playing," Cam shares.

Hope this tune helps with your stress relief. It's mid-August, after all.

posted by Nasko
August 2023