Go Exploring is a one-man band of Matt Scime. There is always something inspiring behind the one-man-band concept, especially if the music is good.

Go Exploring has quite a lot of stuff on his Bandcamp, but my favourite so far is "Cosmic Superstar" from the latest album Fluorescent Triangle. However, make sure to check the rest. It's a lot of fun!

It fits very well into the concept of indie party pop introduced by the guys from Boxed Wine. Very oddly fitting Japanese elements make the song very special and mmm ... psychedelic? It also has quite a few random psychotic elements throughout the whole track, which make the song even more fun to listen to. The sweetness and "anime soundtrack"-ish sound of the melody combined with the above mentioned make up for a perfectly fun summer track. Oh, and let's not forget the strong electro guitar riffs in the end of the track.

Sometimes a combination of everything can be dreadful, but "Cosmic Superstar" is one of the good examples of such a mix.

posted by Anna
August 2013