I stumbled upon this song by accident and I was immediately taken by it. You can hear right away that the record is pretty DIY, and DIY is the band’s way of doing things, like the physical copy of their EP The Young Obese comes which comes in a hand-printed cigarette case. We shouldn't judge an album by its cover; still this is a pretty good example of how indie in its purest form Gorgeous Bully is.

"Never Cry" seems like a pretty simple, easy song when you first hear it, with its lo-fi sound and apparent 1960s British Invasion influence, yet it is amazing how many emotions such a simple song can evoke. In its 2:36 minutes the track manages to actually change and develop, and though it might sound like a breezy happy tune on the surface I find to be quite dramatic, even slightly depressing and dark. "Never Cry" sounds like the musical equivalent to the running thoughts of a hurt young soul, scrambled in his bedroom, while listening to The Ronettes. The hurt young soul in this case is band leader Thomas Crang and the current location of his bedroom is Manchester. The track is available for free download, together with a bunch of other tracks from Gorgeous Bully, which you should definitely check out. For more on the Manchester four just head to their Facebook page.

posted by Iva
January 2013