If you're fans of the classic '00s r&b sound, you'll love this.

First time I heard about Grace Weber was in her "Crazy To Hope" with Masego. While it was an utterly gentle & calm song, today's offering "Lovely" has an awesome punch in the production and very impressive & various vocal runs.

“Lonely” is about being confident to love yourself. I think there’s a lot of shame for a lot of women around loving themselves, sexually or otherwise, and I just wanted to write a song that went against that completely and made it fun to be sexy, confident, and independent. All the songs on my new project are love songs, different angles on love, and lonely is my self-love song.”, the GRAMMY-winning artist shares.

Unapologetic & sultry, the song will certainly become your new female-empowerment anthem.

posted by Nasko
March 2023