Time to share some talent from back home! This ГРИГОВОР & ГЕНА collab "Авантаж" which... translated in English means umm "Advancement" (?!) got released in the early days of 2017, so I'm kinda seriously late for this. However, better late than never!

The guys have joined forces on a whole album release called Falstart. Both are actually quite well known in the Bulgarian rap scene. ГРИГОВОР (aka Iliya Grigorov) is a member of another notorious Bulgarian hip hop band called LOGO5 and ГЕНА part of SoCalledCrew. If you want to dig into some dope rap from Eastern Europe - you know where to start from.

Now, all that being said, I want to move the spotlight to Low Heat - a young Sofia-based producer who I've stumbled upon a while ago. His rendition on "Авантаж" is just flawless. Those smooth future beats influences & funky synths turn the already awesome original into a groove energy wave.

You can stream the original track below.

posted by Ivo
November 2017