All my recent posts are written on the go, which adds somewhat different angle to the whole music experience. I've always thought that discovering new music while traveling is one of the best things one could do. When you are out of your daily routine and somehow away from the daily stuff you can truly focus and submerge into a track... which is what is happening to me right now.

Weirdly cramped on a small bus seat towards my home town, barely able to fit the laptop in my lap does not matter because looking at the constantly changing scenery outside while Hanging Valley's "Arion" sounds in my eardrums.... there's something special about that experience.

If you've followed us for a while you know I'm a huge fan of the band and Thom's vocals. The single comes right after "Fortaleza" and is the 2nd song off Hanging Valley's upcoming EP. Following their signature sound, the song is a good soundtrack to those lonesome moments we all need to reflect on... well, whatever's happening out there. Absolutely gorgeous and mesmerizing.

The duo shares...

Life can be a fight from time to time and the first step to hauling yourself out from deep water, is the realisation that your thought patterns need to change. The song title actually has nothing to do with this whatsoever, or the divinely-bred, extremely swift immortal horse in Greek mythology I'm afraid. It's the name of the delay pedal used in the initial demo.

posted by Ivo
March 2018