Are you ready to hop on Cloud 9?

Malaysian, London-born, now Bali-based singer HANISA comes along for a hell of a debut. "Passion", featuring Indonesian rapper Ezra Kunze, is everything you didn't know you needed today.

Deeply rooted in the smoothest sides of neo-soul and r&b, with a delightful rhythm, gentle melodies, and lush vocals, "Passion" is elevated higher by a chill rap verse that makes this feel like an afternoon in the misty jungles of Ubud, where time stood still.

The song is about the first times you've fallen in love in your twenties - with all the excitement, ups & downs, and burning feelings for someone. HANISA sings about "reconciling the complications behind the desire to love, but without any expectations" and we can't do anything else but listen.

And the vintage-aesthetics music video paints the perfect picture of this warm love we're talking about:

posted by Nasko
February 2024