Sunday morning = time for slow, soothing tunes. Whether that's chillhop beats or silky r&b - as long as the vibe is relaxing, count me in.

Kicking off with something from our friends at Majestic Casual Records. Norwegian producer Hanz has joined forces with US artist emawk on a this gorgeous track titled "Ambivalence". Hands down, one of the most relaxing & captivating songs I've found lately. Also, when the drop at "next step will rip you apart" kicks in, oh... straight to my heart. Such a great track.

Speaking on "Ambivalence", Hanz shared...

“When I started the writing process for "Ambivalence", my hometown was covered in a blanket of white snow. This winter was especially long and even though the snow was beautiful I was getting very tired of it. This inspired me to make something with a clear contrast. Soft and tender chords with hard and knocking drums.

I tried adding different instruments and changing up the drums but nothing seemed to fit. I started looking for vocalists and emawk was the perfect artist for the track. The song is my way of capturing the feeling of Ambivalence. Conflicted and unsure.”

posted by Ivo
November 2018