It's not only the comforting allure of haugust's vocals that snatch the attention of the listener, it's also his descriptive songwriting that'll have you wrapped into the experience he delivers on "Television".

The Norway-based artist bears a sound that's reminiscent of Jordan Rakei, especially since we can hear the similarity in the vocal performance. His smooth voice is complemented by gorgeous guitar arrangements while the punchy drums breathe life into the rhythm section. As I mentioned earlier though, it's certainly haugust's storytelling that makes "Television" what it is, particularly since we can hear the pain and struggle through his delivery.

haugust shares, "The song is about being in pain for so long that any other feeling becomes unfamiliar. You're malingering in pain, and sort of acting out a cynically staged, scripted and choreographed version of yourself. Just like on television."

posted by Lu
December 2023