Any Hiatus Kaiyote, Flying Lotus, or Greentea Peng fans out here? This next feature is about to make you very happy!

The H A U N T E R x Lo Artiz combo is not new to our website as we've featured the talented artists before and it's always been nothing short than greatness. Raised by first-gen Cuban & Costa-Rican parents - Lo Artiz ebbs & flows between worlds combining Soul, Motown, Jazz, Hip Hop, & R&B influences in her distinct sound and is someone I am truly excited about.

"Softly Pt.1 was written while I was in a deeply questioning & existential state, while also experiencing deep heartbreak. It touches on mortality - questioning what lies beyond what we can conceptualize & the ultimate truth that we will leave this plane alone. It additionally tells the story of the mental sweeping many of us do when dealing with heartbreak, the mourning that comes with it, and the retracing of steps to see where it fell apart. If Part 1 is the processing/grieving, then Part 2 is the ‘self’ returning.", shares Lo Artiz.

I need to quote the one-sentence pitch. Made me smile.

If Hiatus Kaiyote & Flying Lotus had a musical lovechild in 1994, it would be Lo Artiz's performance & songwriting in this collaborative track with production duo H A U N T E R.

Now you know why I knew this would be an instant yes, right?

posted by Ivo
September 2022