My first introduction to Haywyre's genious composing was thanks to Mike back in 2016. The made his way to our latest Funky Flavours Spotify playlist update and I fell in love from the very first listen.

The US producer is  fusing elements of classical, jazz and funk with electronic music, and adding his unique vision of improvising on top of this out-of-the-box blend. You can already feel in the sound - he's definitely someone who is pushing the boundaries of standard music creation. I guess touring with acts like Griz, Gramatik, Rezz and Zedd is enough of a proof of his talent.

Taken off his new EP entitled Panorama: Form, "With You" is the perfect synth / funk-driven indie dance soundwave. Also, I really loved the swtich at 2:18. Such a power-charging tune!

posted by Ivo
May 2019