My 2015 new wave / lo-fi / indie sound year was definitely dominated by Day Wave, but 2016 seems more and more likely to be the year of Hazel English.

fact - most of those HE tracks were actually producer by Jackson (DW)

The 25 years old Australia-born/US-based artist just released her first track in a year time titled "I'm Fine" which is another piece in the puzzle Never Going Home (her debut EP).

Distorted guitar, California vibes, a scent of summer coming to an end and her gorgeous voice. The shortest way to describe "I'm Fine".

Truth be told, this is the sound which really brings me back to the indie scene and while I've been bouncing in between genres for the past few years, there's something utterly comforting in this music.

I'm gonna leave you with another track from her upcoming EP which we haven't had the chance to feature yet. Enjoy!

posted by Ivo
August 2016