From start to finish, Hazel’s debut single “Scream” is brimming with emotion thanks to her heartfelt songwriting and vocal delivery.

Through her music, the UK-based artist displays not only her multi-cultural background, but also her multi-colored taste in genres. Traces of Indie Pop and R&B are found in “Scream” and this blend creates a listening experience that’s simultaneously catchy and moody. Her lyricism tells the story of sadness and desperation that comes with feeling lonely, left out, unheard, and misunderstood by the people around you. The presence of bright guitars and smooth pads decorate the stereo field and ever so beautifully compliment her gorgeous vocal performance. Personally, I have a thing for harmonies… And I can’t neglect to mention how Hazel comforts the listener by how she exquisitely harmonizes, particularly towards the closing moments.

“Scream” serves as a gem for all who suffer the consequences of having too many people around, yet not being heard.

posted by Lu
September 2022