We got caught up in December's holiday spirit and didn't have the chance to properly cover one of the lushest releases in the world of downtempo and r&b music - Hemai's Leisure Trip. The 4-track EP was released on December 14th via our good friends at Well Overdue Records and is a real treat to everyone who loves soulful sonic experiences.

Hemai's compositions reflect his extensive musical expertise and yet, he consistently incorporates new organic elements, causing a sensation in the UK jazz and electronic community and beyond. This solidifies his position in an emerging scene.

The release culminates with today's highlight - "A Flip in Duality". The features Victoria Port's captivating vocals and takes listeners on a journey through smooth electronica sounds, including the Prophet synth, a seductive guitar interlude, and a grand finale with strings. Hemai demonstrates why he is considered one of the top artists in the field, showcasing his immense creativity and imagination throughout the track.

posted by Ivo
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