Today has been just mental. So much good music, I just can't comprehend. How is it possible that after 1000s of tracks I still get mind-blown beyond comprehension?

Excited to share with you the opening track to Hemai's debut LP Strange Beauty which got released on May 7th via Tru Thoughts. The album is a collection of stories of the love, spirit, and balance of the universe, the hotly tipped 22-year-old experiments with the idea of movement and the present, bringing together some of his favorite sounds from around the world and melding them with his UK roots.

My personal favorite - the visceral and uplifting "We Could Be Jaded" features Layfullstop's vocals - a jazz and soul singer from Manchester. Her style is a blend of spoken word and silky soul honey drips. In addition, it kicks off with Melbourne-based musician Erica Tucceri’s flute which immediately speaks for the experimental wave awaiting the listener down the line. The whole track is filled with electric warmth mashed with tribal instrumentation designed to make you wanna dance.

posted by Ivo
May 2021