Friday's all about the good stuff.

Houis brings the chill & trippy "Awash" via our friends at Lekker Collective.

Just the right amount of mellow and upbeat, the song is rich in synths, captivating drum grooves, and hazy vibes. Houis elaborates: “Awash” was one of the first songs I produced from my upcoming album, and was definitely the most experimental. With the intention of combining UK Garage with lofi, I took an 88BPM lofi beat I made and warped it to 120BPM, which laid the foundation for the track. Having been inspired by UK Garage artists like salute, as well as by some old friends, like Indigo Eyes and Tyde, I was really excited to try giving the genre a spin. Additionally, a goal of mine is to start performing live next year, and having more upbeat songs to play like “Awash” is something I’m looking forward to!”

His debut album Outgrown is set to release in early 2023.

posted by Nasko
November 2022