A little bit obsessed with this track if I'm honest. I was reading up about the inspiration behind "Daydreamin' " and once you see SG Lewis, you kind of know the stuff is going to be good.

“After having released my first EP during the summer of 2020, I was impatient to continue composing new songs and see what else I could create. However, I didn’t want my next project to have the same sound as my previous songs, so I decided to exit out of the LoFi/singer&songwriter style and into a more house music aesthetic.

During the fall of 2020, I was watching an early interview of SG Lewis speaking about his style of producing songs. He described his genre as “slowed down dance music”, and that definitely inspired to make Daydreamin’

Those vocals will get you daydreaming - this is the smoothest one I've heard in a while. Paired with laid-back production and some groovy guitar riffs makes this track a sunny day dream come true. Lots of the word "dream" going round in this post, but I think dreamy is the most accurate way to describe what's happening in this track. Excited to see what else is coming our way from these two.

posted by Anna
February 2021