Hot off the heels of his previous release "heard & felt" with Stereofox, HOUNDTRACK returns with a deep and atmospheric chill house gem titled "evening swim."

This is the 2nd single from HOUNDTRACK's upcoming project for a moment - a body of work that exhibits his range when it comes to the realm of electronic music. "evening swim" is upbeat however the melodies draped over the heavily textured drums are lush and airy, thus giving the track an introspective feel while being driven by a high-spirited rhythm section. The tune is relaxing and warm but also evokes that sweet nostalgic feeling you get when you remember something or someone meaningful.

HOUNDTRACK shares, "Each song has memories embedded within it. I hope people can reflect on their own memories while they listen to the songs and create new ones. Each song is a time capsule “for a moment."

posted by Lu
December 2023