It's finally here!

The 4-track Untangle EP that we've been teasing - with "Afterglow" (which got into Spotify's lofi beats) and "Escape" (with INKY!) - got out today and is the perfect soundtrack and a humble guide for the times when you need to clear your mind. It details the story arc of a listener’s emotional journey: from realizing an internal mental conflict and seeking space for the answer, to facing the problem head-on and reaching cathartic clarity and personal reflection.

Untangle begins with “Venture Out,” a record in which the listener discovers and recognizes a mental knot requiring examination. The first step towards resolution? Heading outdoors, reconnecting with nature and oneself. “Escape” follows after, with the listener now fully immersed in their surroundings, whether that’s diving head-first into a lake or merely strolling amidst the forest. Having then cleared one’s mind, the third title track with goosetaf finds the listener face-to-face with the issue at hand, echoed in the melancholy yet hopeful climax of the song and EP. Lastly, “Afterglow” bathes in a warm reflection following the listener’s intense epiphany and solution to their problem.

Untangle is about the warmth that follows an intense realization. It will be a guide to going on a nature walk to clear your mind. I find magical restorative powers when going out into nature. Whether through a camping trip or a swim in the ocean, nature brings me perspective and can help me solve problems. The organic sonic material was elemental in Untangle’s production, I incorporated numerous field recordings from trips I’ve taken as well as my own vocals.

Hear the whole beauty below and find it on all platforms here. · HOUNDTRACK - Untangle EP
posted by Nasko
October 2021