I found the indie folk four-piece Husky the other day and despite the fact their debut album Forever So had been released in 2012, I fell in love with the title track and I thought these guys deserve a spot on Stereofox.

The Australian  are signed to Sup Pop, a label which doesn't need introduction, and has been playing together since 2008. The whole album is has this spacious and very fairy tale-y sound and... it feels somehow orchestral. A 21 century lullaby, so to say. I've been reading about these guys and I really like a quote from their front man Husky Gawenda George Orwell said that writing should be transparent – like a clear window pane. You shouldn't notice the music or the art of it; you’re just transported to another place.". I guess it's time to start reading 1984 which has been laying next to my bed for a few weeks.

posted by Ivo
May 2014