I bet you remember "colour of the wheat" - because if you've heard it, it will surely get stuck in your head.

The Dutch collective ii (pronounced I & I) blends hip hop, soul, funk & jazz in the most magnificent way and it's a pure blessing their full 01.01 EP is out. To be honest, it was an instant favourite - and certainly one of the most sublime projects I've heard in a while.

As you can imagine, it's hard to pick just one song to feature but the versatility in "the root", got me hooked - a composition that goes from smooth soul, through bossa-nova rhythms, all the way to hip hop & jazzy guitars. Featuring once again vocalists Mitch Julius & Sacks whose runs will simply melt you.

Make sure to check the full EP, out via our friends at Vokall Records, you'll thank me later.

posted by Nasko
August 2023