This 2-track bundle release is our 2nd joint project with German-based producer Ikane C. Our previous release “Memory in a Bottle” was featured on Apple’s official Bedtime Beats playlist and since working together has been an absolute pleasure, we decided to continue this touching and very intimate chillhop / lofi journey.

Ikane C. (ˈaɪ ˈkæn ˈsi) stands for the artist’s intuitive way of creating inner spaces with his eyes wide shut. Samuel Arvon Jones the Afro-American chillhop producer behind the pseudonym uses this mindset to layer unique field-recordings of personal moments with multiple self played instruments and his obsession for sound design. When it comes to crafting the 2 tracks, Sammy shares...

“Initially, I started composing “Our First Day” as a memory of mine from a trip with some friends to this tiny island. Somehow, I really wanted to translate that experience into a sound. After working on it the whole day, I was pretty tired and eventually fell asleep. That’s when “Sleepyhead” took shape.

That night I had a lucid dream about that trip to the island and decided to translate this dream into what eventually became “Sleepy Head”. I hope this brings you peace.”

posted by Ivo
October 2019