IkeN's "Galatea" is a track to send to someone you love.

"Galatea is probably one of the first songs I made when I started on my album idea. It is basically a song about falling in love with the perfect girl, or Galatea (the Greek statue that came to life). I wanted to make a really wholesome ballad for Valentine's season, and this song feels like exactly that - a slow, wholesome waltz for hopeless romantics to listen to.", shares the 19 years old Kenya-born, UK-based musician.

IkeN blends delicate yet powerful vocals, lush soundscapes, and pop-influenced songwriting, drawing inspiration from the likes of emawk, and Frank Ocean. His introspective lyrics take listeners on a journey through his thoughts and experiences, offering a personal escape from reality.

Listening to this brings a smile to my face and I just want to go upstairs and tell the most special person in my life how much they mean to me. If an artist makes you feel like this, they've succeeded.

IkeN is yet to show the world his full potential, as mark my words - Ike Ngala is going places.

posted by Ivo
February 2023