We're sent drifting into a daydream on IkeN's latest release "Miss Me" by virtue of the spacey production and his incredibly soothing vocals.

Born in Kenya and raised around the world, IkeN was inspired by artists like Alina Baraz, emawk, and Frank Ocean at a young age, leading him to pursue a career in music. The influence of Alina Baraz is evident in the dense soundscapes in "Miss Me", and the way his lyrics vividly paint pictures in our minds. When his harmonies gracefully slide into the mix, that's when the track beautifully blossoms as the chorus emphasizes the comforting allure of IkeN's sound.

IkeN shares, "Miss Me is a soul-stirring ballad exploring the intricacies of a two-sided love that ultimately fades away. With thick soundscapes, poignant lyrics, and emotive melodies, the song pleads with one lover not to forget the other as they face the impossibility of their union."

posted by Lu
September 2023