"We’re taking il:lo to a new place. Our last EP on Anjuna Deep was written in Montpellier with influences of brightness, sunshine, and beauty. Now we’re at our new home in Berlin. You’ll hear darker sounds from il:lo, inspired by industrial architecture, grit, and the sounds of the city."

Honestly, il:lo are the nicest people. Reading this made me smile, these guys deserve any good thing that happens to them. With all the work Dejan and Andreas been putting in the past years and the unique ability to create a power-up electronica that's both uplifting in mellow, I can only be ecstatic to have known them for years.

Today, the French electronic duo announces that they have signed to Nettwerk (Ark Patrol, Dreamers Delight, Hermitude) and make their label debut with "Soldiner". "Our new single Soldiner stands out from previous releases and marks the beginning of a new era, a musical production resolutely turned towards deep house which is more on electronic elements,” the duo remarks.  “We wanted to grab the listener with powerful leads and soulful arpeggiators. This track is an emotional journey with a joyful start, intense body and final resolution."

I used their music in a few of my electronic mixes throughout the years and I was always guided by how they describe their sound - difficult to capture or hold permanently, having wings.

That's the perfect way to describe "Soldiner" as well. The track is raw energy channeled through emotions and an instant goosebumps.

Learn more about the duo thanks to Mike's il:lo interview.

posted by Ivo
March 2022