Have you guys realized that often if a film director wants to create a "weird kid" character, they always add in the script the fact that the child has an imaginary friend? It almost feels like a stereotype. That weird kid with the imaginary friend. Its not like I ever had an imaginary friend, but I think it is safe to say that often music can be such. Especially if you manage to... attribute a human form to the sounds.

Music can be that silent, melancholic friend who is sitting next to you on a bridge late at night. Especially, if the music sounds like this astonishing acoustic folk masterpiece by Imaginary Friend. I wish there was something more I could share about this artist, but there has been a fair amount of mystery about him. I guess it is better to leave things like that and let the song speak for itself. So yeah, if you ever find yourself alone on a bridge late at night - play this. Makes you feel like time has stopped.

posted by Ivo
October 2013