Have you wondered what's the perfect track for a late-night drive, when you want to spend some time with yourself? Well, I think I found the perfect fit for your car radio. This was my first thought when I heard the new single In My Head by the emerging British electronic producer Joseph Robson a.k.a Indigo Eyes, minute after that I grabbed my car key and I dived into the night, accompanied by his music.

The track is a mix of catchy synths, garage beat with a minimalistic bass kick, and beautifully delivered soothing vocals by Joseph. What I really enjoyed is the way he does those atmospheric, dreamy soundscapes. They affect you so much that you suddenly lose track of the time.

'In My Head' is for people who struggle with overthinking. I wanted the centrepiece for my upcoming EP, 'Long Nights', to be a down-tempo, garage inspired track, toying with the themes of trust issues and hidden motivations behind relationships. I went back and forth on whether to release this as a single, mostly because I was listening to my own voice for hours on end and over-critiquing it, but whenever I played the EP in full to anyone this would always be the track which got people most excited about the project, and over time became really special to me. This is also my first track to have a full length music video release alongside it, filmed in and around London with an incredible crew and amazing actors who were a dream to work with, bringing my music to life visually, which I haven't been able to do in this way before, giving the record another world to live in other than just through your headphones

Indigo Eyes

In My Head is part of his forthcoming EP called Late Nights, premiering on June 22nd, so set your reminders and make sure to add it to your mood playlists.

posted by Boris
May 2022