posted by Anna
February 2013

I am proudly presenting today a young Australian musician (yes, yes, Australia strikes again) Hayden Calnin. He is combining very pleasant folk tunes with some electronica, spicing everything up with his absolutely incredible vocals. All the fans of Bon Iver will appreciate this music.

You should definitely check out his very atmospheric debut EP "City" and below is my favourite song off this EP. Let's see what Hayden has to share!

Anna: When did you start writing music and what triggered it? 

I started writing music at around 14. I got a guitar and i guess thats what i thought you did when you had one.

A: Are there any instruments that you would like to learn how to play? 

I've always wanted to learn the cello and the trumpet. I think they're two of the best sounding instruments ever!

A: What are you currently working on? Hopefully second EP :)

Yep. Thats exactly what i'm working on! I just updated my home studio so i'm ready to rock n roll. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm playing with new sounds and new equipment and i cannot wait to share it.

A: What is your favourite song of all times? 

I think it would be 'Love Will Tear us Apart' by Joy Division, judging by my play count on iTunes. But the first song that sprung to mind was 'Keep Yourself Warm' by Frightened Rabbit.

A:  How you feeling about European tour? 

Hopefully soon. I would love to come over there soon!

A: If I’m not mistaken you have directed a video for Goodnight Owl. How was the experience?

I did! They're now renamed to 'Love Migrate'. I loved the experience. We shot it over two days around Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. I was studying film and used to love the idea of creating music videos. It uses my two favourite mediums, sound and film, so it was win win for me! Plus i got a good grade for university for it.

A: Do you remember your first live performance? How was it?

 I do. I even have it on video. It's a bit embarrassing. I was in a band called 'Spin' playing cheesy acoustic rock songs about coins and satellites and things like that. It was epically tragic.

A: Mac or Windows?

 Mac for life!

A: Which musicians influenced you the most?

Glen Hansard, Jeff Buckley, Low, Frightened Rabbit and S. Carey are my top 5.

A:  Who do you think we should keep an eye on music wise in 2013?

Keep an eye on 'Leaks' out of Geelong here in Victoria, i think he is genious! And another one I'd say is a Melbourne act, 'Texture Like Sun', they get me everytime. I get all emotional whenever i see them play.