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February 2022

"Oh he's/she's next up" - that is a phrase common within the sphere of Hip Hop and general urban slang to describe someone teetering on the edge of blowing up. I've been passing along the story poolsideconvo to many friends for the past 2 weeks, and that phrase is what I've been repeating relentlessly within each conversation.

From Fred Again.., to Ross From Friends to DJ Counselling... There seems to be a highly emotive house sound steeped in influences of post-dub that's been gaining traction for a while now. Among the new comers who are pushing this sound forward is UK based producer poolsideconvo. He not only boasts support from Spotify through a range of editorial playlist features, tastemakers such as BBC, COS, Notion, Dummy Mag, and Kane FM have been singing praises about his introspective yet dance-friendly sound. Poolsideconvo's work represents a new frontier of music and that's among the many reasons why he should be on your radar. Continuing with his reputation to forge a moody aura with his aesthetic, his latest single "acceptance" is inspired by a feeling of re-birth and calmness going into 2022. In this interview he shares more about this single, his creative process and his thoughts on healing from heartbreak.

What did you want to be when you were younger? And at which point was the idea of pursuing music as a career planted in your head?

 I wanted to be a private detective or a writer or some sort but got into music really young. I was always impressed by musicians and it just happened that my best mate in primary school was a drummer so I asked my dad for a kit. I’ve never expected music to be a ‘career’ and don't remember even considering it. It just always been in my life and i can't imagine it not being at this point. 

For those that don't know you, how would you describe your journey with music thus far? 

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Traditional introduction into music via lessons and playing in bands followed by teen years getting into electronic music that shaped my taste today. One day someone introduced me to dubstep music in the form of a Skream mix and I was hooked on electronic music from then really. Being in London, electronic music is happening right on your doorstep so it was really accessible. That being said, I was too young to go to the proper clubs so I was going to squat raves and just absorbing all the music that was playing there like jungle, d&b. After that it was dubstep and garage Raves at Cable, Fabric and The Swamp 81 parties but I can really attribute my tastes today to the post dubstep and house sounds of Julio Bashmore, Hackman, Mount Kimbie etc.

How does the name 'poolsideconvo' reflect the subject and the sound of your music?

It's melancholic and kind of dreamy. It makes me think of late nights and early mornings with your friends and people you just met chatting rubbish.

poolsideconvo · indulge

It's safe to say that "indulge" was the track that put you on the radar of many due to its popularity. What do you think it was about that particular release that caught the attention of many compared to previous singles like "nobody but u" and "don't need"? 

I’ve never really considered why. I find that track quite hypnotic so maybe it's because people just can't physically switch it off. I hope so anyway.

Congrats on your first single of 2022! During the making of "acceptance", what were some of the major events going on in your life that shaped the track? 

Thank you! There's always that cliched feeling at the start of the year of people wanting to start fresh and I'm quite interested by artists who constantly reinvent themselves and just completely switch up their vibe so I guess I was trying to capture that. It feels like saying ‘this is done now so lets move on’ in a stoic kind of way. 

poolsideconvo · acceptance

How were your production habits and techniques different going into the creation of "acceptance"?

I’ve started implementing more piano into my tracks recently as it’s an instrument that is just filled with emotion, so nuanced and capable of so much. I fully embrace the garage vibe on this one too with the skippy drums and vocal chops. 

Feelings of melancholy inspired by heartbreak tend to be a common theme in your sound. Have you experienced heartbreak? And if so, how did you manage to heal from it?

Having music in your life is such a blessing as I am always able to just sit down and pour whatever energy I have into it. Sitting with your feelings I find quite therapeutic too. Like no matter how I feel just being able to spend time with it and evaluate it rather than run from it or cover it up helps I find. 

I absolutely adore the 'you coming to the afters?' line on your bio! What would you say is your most memorable afters experience? 

The one rule about the afters is you don't talk about the afters…

Why is it important for you to remain independent at this point of your career? 

I think it’s more about freedom at this point. Indie or not it’s important to be able to release at a rate which allows you to be as creative as you can. Being able to choose my own artwork and collaborate with whoever I feel is also great. I guess I’m still on the journey of figuring out who I am as an artist so I don’t really need a team of people telling me how to do it. The journey is the fun part.

Okay so, 1) An artist/band you’d love to have a D.M.C (deep meaningful conversion) with 2) An artist you think would be rad to party with 3) An artist you would love to spend a week with in the studio. You’re welcome to select from artists who are dead/retired.

  1. Bjork
  2. Shane mcgowan
  3. Sampha

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