posted by Ivo
July 2018

Today we're teaming up with Hip Dozer for the premiere of SoulChef's first Foreign Affairs single "Next To Nothing". The producer managed to find some time for a chat with us and even dropped a sick mix you need to blast through your speakers!


Rizvan feat. DJ Spell - "Lost In Translation"
City Lights - "Fly Away"
IllBaz, MELODOWNZ & Raiza Biza - "Never, Never land"
S.F.T - "Sunset At Intercontinental"
Dam Native - "Extremities"
Abrio - "High Off Life"
Crime Heat - "Avenue"

Hi SoulChef! Where do we find you today?

Yo! Today i’m currently in Auckland, New Zealand

Your new album Foreign Affairs is scheduled to drop in just a few days - on the 27th of July via our friends Hip Dozer. How would you describe the album in a sentence?

Raw, Uncut Hip-Hop with a message

What do you think it's the best "setting" to listen to the album for the first time? You can be creative when it comes to choosing place/setting.

The album should be played at high volume preferably in a residential area

What inspired you to create the record?

I just wanted to show the next generation of listeners and new artists coming up within hiphop that you don’t have to follow what everybody else is doing and that this particular style of hip-hop music still exists & lyrics still matter.

I had the chance to listen to the whole record prior the interview, I have to say you really live up to your name. Lots of soul pouring out of those tunes! Where does SoulChef comes from actually?

Thank you. I’ve had that name for well over 10 years now, It’s basically a play on the title sous chef

The album's name Foreign Affairs suggest there's a lot of external "influence" and I guess that's because of the variety of artists and rappers featured on the album. How did you get connected to so many people and how did you choose who to work with?

The social network & a mutual respect for each others. Music is how we all connected & created these songs, I chose to work with these particular artists because i believe they are just great at what they do

What does your setup/studio looks like. Do you mind snapping a photo and walking us through it?  

A basic setup, 2 monitors, computer, audio interface and midi controller. Nothing too fancy

soulchef audio setup producer

You're based in Auckland, New Zealand. What's the hip hop / beat scene like over there?

There are a few artists from here that i am digging at the moment, if you get a chance check out Melodownz, Raiza Biza, S.F.T. & Abrio.

What's the most random thing about you? Something most people don't know.

I don’t have any face tattoos

How does your average day looks like?

Music & More Music, & sleep if i’m lucky

If you could collaborate with 1 artist out there (dead or alive), who would that be and why?

Marvin Gaye.

What's on your playlist nowadays? Any producers we should be checking out?

My playlist is full of oldies, a lot of soul, funk, r&b, reggae, new wave, art rock, folk, classical & afro cuban jazz. when i'm not working on music that's pretty much what i’m listening to.

What's next for SoulChef after the release of Foreign Affairs?

More albums, more eps, more collaborations.

Thanks for the chat! Any famous last words?

Shot bro!